5 keys to getting a higher grade on the SAT essay

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Do what you’re trained to do
Write your essay in chunks just like you learned in school: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Graders are looking for this structure to your essay. Omitting any of these chunks will limit your score.

Be sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction. Take a strong stance on the main argument of your essay. Then build your essay out with two paragraphs that include examples to support your thesis statement. Finally, close by reiterating your thesis statement and summarizing the support you provided.

Stay Calm

Write two full pages

Take full advantage of the allotted space to write. Studies have shown a consistent correlation between essay length and higher scores.

Add SAT vocab

Weaving in vocabulary that you’ve learned throughout your SAT practice will give your essay a well-rounded feel. Be sure to only use words you’ve learned in the right context.

Preplan your examples

Depending on the prompt you are given it can be tough to brainstorm relative examples without eating away at all of your precious writing time. Plan 5-7 examples before you get to test day that can be used generally and examine the topic enough that you can write thoroughly about it.

Revise, Revise, Revise

Plan ahead to have time to read your essay for grammar and whether the argument comes through clearly. Misspelled or misused words will count against you. Allow yourself 2-3 minutes to revise your initial thoughts near the end.


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Happy studying!